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MaxAmps Green Series Life 4500 6.6V Battery Pack – New cell technology!

Max Amps Green

MaxAmps brings you the exclusive “Green Series” LiFePo4 battery packs. These new “life” packs will not catch fire or explode with overcharge. In addition to being safer than LiPos, they are more robust. The new 4500mah 6.6V pack can be charged using our Hyperion line of chargers under the LiFePo4/A123 setting.

• Perfect fit in all standard rc car battery trays
• Same flat format as lipos(136mm x 45mm X 26mm)
• Low-maintenance and user-friendly
• Inherently safe technology
• Low voltage cutoff is not required
• 1000+ usable cycles
• 5 year 1000 cycle warranty available
• Environmentally friendly
• Water-sealed for all-weather protection
• Up to 60C discharge rating(1700+ surge watts)
• Up to 15C charge rate(67 amps)

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