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MAXX Fest 2018

MAXX-Fest 2018!!!

That’s right folks, we are trying to break the internet! In a never ending quest to have the most Fun ever with an rc truck, BigSquidRC is going old school with MAXX-Fest 2018!!!. Just like the name implies, only MAXX series vehicles like the original T-Maxx, the mighty E-Maxx, and the all conquering X-Maxx are invited to attend. We plan on hosting a whole day of MAXX bashing featuring big airtime, block long wheelies, hard bashing, and lots more! Basically, it will be a day when everyone can bring out their Maxx series trucks to bash with other people who are also Maxx fanatics!

OK, so you are super-stoked to get in some retro T-Maxx bashing, but when and where is it? We are working out the details right now and are shooting for some sort of date this fall that will be in the Chicago metro area. When we do have complete event details locked down, we will post immediately. We have decided to announce the event early to give all you guys plenty of time to get your Maxx back up and running, install new parts, bolt up a new nitro engine, make upgrades, finish up that old build, etc. We will be shooting for around October and can’t wait to see a parking lot full of T-Maxx again! Who’s IN?

Want more event news? Click Right Here to read more on BigSquidRC.

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Posted by in Events on Friday, April 13th, 2018 at 1:04 pm