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May and June Prize Drawing Video!

Because of our huge move last month, we missed a drawing, so we did two sets of drawings at the same time! So we picked 4 lucky winners for the May and June Big Squid RC Contest! Thanks for all those great Fan Pictures!, keep sending them in!! You also get a little bonus with the new Big Squid RC workshop in the background. We are still working on the shop, and there are probably another 15 vehicles on the floor near our feet, guess we should of gone with the extra 10,000 square feet Cubby was suggesting! I thought he just wanted a bigger office.

Check it out on HobbyZip

Here’s the YouTube edition for those iphone and HD needs.

Winners for May:
1) BT from Solvenia
2) Marchaund C. from Alberta Canada

Winners for June:
1) Jeremy M. from ??
2) Doug S. from Griffith, Indiana

Winners will be contacted in the next 24 hours.

Thanks for all the support! Good luck Next Month!

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