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ARRMA RC McDonalds TV Holiday Commerical

McDonalds’ “Holiday Shopping” Commercial Featuring ARRMA!!!

Last night about 10PM I received a phone call from Cubby.

Cubby- “Wow, like wow, WTF, Holy freak’n Cow! Ummmmmm, I think I just saw an ARRMA on a McDonalds commerical!”

Tim- “Come on Cubby, you’ve had a few too many bro, why don’t you call it a night?”

Cubby- “Dude, I am not drunk, nor am I kidding! I think I just saw an ARRMA vehicle on a McDonalds commerical!”

Fast forward to this morning, and yes indeed, ARRMA RC is prominently featured in a new McDonalds holiday commercial! The commercial tells the story of a couple out and about looking for one of the season’s hottest gifts, an ARRMA Voltage rc car. The commercial then shows the couple going into different Hobby Shops looking for the ARRMA, but they are all sold out. The couple decides to regroup and refocus, so they hit up a McDonalds to grab a quick bite. While there, they spot a woman carrying the much sought after ARRMA under her arm, and the commercial ends.

As Cubby has often said, mainstream exposure is always great for rc. The BigSquidRC Bash Crew was stoked to see McDonalds not only showing off the hobby grade ARRMA Voltage, but also some support for local hobby shops!

The entire video is shown below, we hope it blows your mind as much as it did ours. Afterwards, you can hit up this link to visit the McDonalds Website, or you can click here to head over to

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