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MIP Bypass Shock Pistons 1/8 Buggy Tekno HB Racing

MIP 1/8 Xray & Tekno MIP Bypass1 Shock Pistons

New for all you Tekno and XRay 1/8 buggy owners are Bypass 1 Shock Pistons from MIP. Why do you need them? The Bypass 1 shock pistons allow you to adjust both rebound and compression damping, thus allowing you to completely dial in your shocks to a given track.

* Different valves allow rebound adjustment
* Stacking of valves used for fine tuning
* 1.3mm pre-drilled holes
* Makes buggy easier to drive
* Easier to drive at race speed

Street pricing for the MIP 1/8 Xray & Tekno MIP Bypass1 Shock Pistons should be right around the $40 price point. The Bypass pistons for 1/8 XRay have a part number of #19090, while the pistons for 1/8 Tekno have a part number of #19010.

Use This Link to read more MIP news on BigSquidRC.

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