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MIP 17mm Losi SCTE

MIP +3mm 17mm Hex Adapter Kit For Losi SCTE

Ever want to bolt some 1/8th buggy wheels/tires on your Losi SCTE? If so, the crew at MIP now make it really easy with their +3mm 17mm Hex Adapter Kit. The kit comes with everything you need to change your SCTE over to the larger 17mm hexes. Also of note, the kit works on all the different versions of the SCTE, from 1.0 to the latest 3.0, and other Losi vehicles that share the same axle and hub.

Shipping right now, the adapters are priced at $35 and have a part number of #16160. Make This Jump to get more details, or Click Right Here for more MIP news on BigSquidRC.

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Posted by in New Products on Friday, August 5th, 2016 at 11:15 am