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MIP Rollers HB D413

MIP Rollers For The HB D413

Don’t ya just hate wearing out the outdrives on your buggy? It might be a half dozen packs, or a few dozen, but eventually you will have to pull out the diff to replace chunked out outdrives. Oh sure, you can put some grease on them, but once some dirt/dust/mud mixes with the grease you’ve just created a snotty equivalent of sandpaper, making them wear even faster.

The folks at MIP are hardcore about their driveshafts and outdrives. For years MIP has been the ultimate standard, with the beefiest and smoothest running driveshafts available anywhere. Their latest product is MIP Rollers. Take a close look a the pictures and you’ll see they use something like a bushing to help eliminate friction between the bone and the outdrive. Smoother means longer lasting and more energy put to the ground. The first set of Rollers was designed specifically for the HB D413 with a part number of #15130 (front) and #15140 (rear). These are retail priced at $80 and we can’t wait for them to be released for bash oriented vehicles. To get more details hit up This Link over on the official MIP website.

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