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Monster Truck Madness – 1/5 Primal M/T V4 is Announced

Greetings all and Happy Thursday!

This week I had planned to talk about my Tamiya Konghead build, as the truck is finished save for the paint job. However, with Primal R/C announcing the V4 version of their 1/5 Monster Truck, I figured I’d turn my attention to that big fella.

For those that are unaware, the V4 is the fourth revision (duh) of their 1/5 monster truck platform. Some of the notable upgraded features, from Primal’s Website

• (2) Upgraded 130KG HV All metal cased brush-less Steering Servos.
• Upgraded 100KG HV brush-less brake servo.
• Upgraded V4 Single bar steering linkage.
• Upgraded V4 Differentials.
• Upgraded V4 adjustable aluminum sway bars.
• Upgraded V4 Aluminum Enclosed Battery box with charging port for new upgraded 8.4v NIMH battery.
• Upgraded V4 redesigned side frame lets you have easy access to the pull start and engine removal/access.
• Upgraded V4 MEGA Shocks with new lower oil seal.

As someone who has followed along with the development of this platform since I got to drive a V1 back in 2020, the V4 has some legit upgrades. The new differentials and way the axles now have simplified steering (along with upgraded electronics) plus a chassis plate that allows for easier maintenance….this is freakin’ awesome.

Kudos to the Primal team. When the truck was originally released I thought it was a neat thing but that it would ultimately be somewhat of a flash in the pan due several design issues in the first batch combined with the high price tag. They continued to iterate the rig though, and keep earning fans and (most importantly, in this case), buyers.

The V4 is proof that they are listening to consumers and pushing themselves to offer the best possible product, and as such I find myself actively mulling over the economics of purchasing one of these for myself. Despite not having anyone to race one of these with, the prospects of just wrenching on, tuning, and customizing one of these gas guzzling goliaths is VERY appealing.

Next week, back to smaller scale truck discussion. In the meantime, I’ll be looking for spare change under my couch cushions!

Until next time, keep it on all 4’s!

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