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Monster Truck Madness – A Real Hullabaloo

Greetings, all! I spent the last weekend racing monster trucks, and what a weekend it was. At the Trigger King R/C Summer Event #2 we had some 100+ monster trucks show up. So much fun!

I’m still recovering. Sun burn, broken parts, scrambled brain- you know the drill! Sooooo, something more rambly instead of coherent this week.

I plan to follow-up on the Losi LMT diff tuning discussion that was promised last week. The reason for the delay? I’m still searching for a set up that works!

At the race I tried going with 30k oil in the rear while leaving the front the stock 100k. This….did not work well. The LMT pulled way too hard up front. Going to put the 30k in the front and will report back on that. Look for that soon. Probably after my next competition day.

One more thing on the LMT- there were a ton of them at the race, both in the Spec class and the Pro-Mod class. From a competitive standpoint, racers are still clearly figuring the trucks out. From a durability standpoint though, something that’s been a bit of a discussion flashpoint since the release this winter, the only breakage we’ve had in two events was one of our guys pulling the link mounts out during a particularly crazy freestyle. That’s it. The LMT is proving in competition to be quite tough.

On the Clod Buster front, I’ve had a couple events now on a tricked out JConcepts Regulator, complete with closed cell foam tires, oil shocks, and JConcepts Shapeway parts. Folks, this truck is a dream to drive. Next week, barring any crazy news that comes out that I just HAVE to discuss, I’ll be giving a rundown on this as I know a lot of people out there have wondered if it’s worth it to drop the coin on some of those 3d printed parts.

The last thing I’ll briefly discuss here is that I acquired a new Axial/shaft chassis- specifically an ACRC Havoc 3D setup. I don’t know what I’m going to do with this yet. I may convert my Big Squid BOSS truck over to it….I may do a completely new build with a stock Axial SMT10 that I have laying around. So many options! Look for more on this soon.

That’ll do it for this week. Look for detailed write-ups over the next few weeks! Oh, and if you have any monster truck related questions please e-mail me at Until next time, keep it on all 4’s!

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