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Monster Truck Madness: All Aboard for BIGFOOT Open House

This Saturday, June 2nd, is the BIGFOOT Open House in Pacific, MO! If you are a fan of monster trucks, it’s an event you won’t want to miss out on. BIGFOOT will be doing car crushes with several of their modern race vehicles and there will also be an old school leaf truck race! They will also have several classic monsters on display.

Of course, there is also a big solid axle r/c monster truck race taking place as well that my club, Trigger King R/C, is helping to put on.

3 R/C Monster Truck classes will be offered: Outlaw Retro, Sport Modified and Pro Modified ( for full rules).

I was just notified this morning that the r/c’s are being given a large area of the parking lot to race on, so expect high grip blacktop.

Outlaw Retro and Sport Modified will get 1 racing session each. Pro Modified will get 1 racing AND 1 judged freestyle session. We are planning on running a classic styled drag track for the old school trucks, with a high flying Over/Under chase track for the Mods.

Due to time constraints, drivers will be limited to one entry per class. No “bumping up” of trucks allowed (i.e. running a sport mod in pro mod). Also, no loaning of trucks (i.e. giving your second truck to someone else to drive).

Cost is $5 for Outlaw Retro, $5 for Sport Modified and $10 for Pro Modified. Awards will be given out to winners. Brackets and freestyle order will be seeded randomly by a number generator. There just isn’t time for qualifying, given the unique nature of the event.

Registration is at 9:30AM and racing will begin promptly at 10AM. We are going to allow several breaks throughout the day so competitors can watch the full sized action when that is taking place.

R/C Monster Truck racers are advised to arrive early as parking will be at a premium and if you come late, you may be forced to park far away. Make sure to bring pit tables and, if you have it, a pop-up tent is highly recommended as everything will be outdoors.

The good folks at JConcepts Inc will also be on hand to supply you with the latest monster truck goodies….and knowing them, they will probably have something new on-hand to show off!

Open House is always a blast, so if you are near St. Louis you should stop by! Oh, and if you do visit, make sure to say hello to me! I’ll be the guy running the computer or camera!

For any additional info, feel free to e-mail me at!

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