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Monster Truck Madness – All hail the black Kimbrough!

If you are reading this column, there is a good chance you own an r/c monster truck (or 10!). Probably good odds that if you are in the m/t fraternity, you own at least one 1/10 or 1/8 scale rig.

Whether it’s a solid axle or independent suspension truck, there is one common truth – an 8 dollar black Kimbrough servo saver is the best hop-up you can buy for under $10.

For the uninitiated, the black color indicates that’s it’s of “heavy-duty” strength. There’s a lot of marketing BS in this hobby, but in this case there is no malarkey.

The design here is very simple but also very effective. It’s of two piece construction with the main part being the actual saver/horn unit with the second being an adapter that fits various servo spline sizes. There are various holes on the front for attaching the steering arm, and plenty of beef to ream/drill out whatever size you need.

Somehow, the Kimbrough does the job of remaining very reactive and sensitive to steering input, while also allowing give in case of major servo shock. You don’t get the usual sponginess that your average servo saver has, but all the while still have a good layer of protection. These things are the perfect blend of stiffness but somehow give at juuuuust the right point.

I’ve blown many a servo over my time in the hobby, but never while using one of these little honeys.

I’m not even sure at this point when these things were released. I started seriously building monster trucks in the early 2000’s, back in the heyday of Maxx-mania, and they were always there. Maxx trucks, Savages, Clod Busters- all equipped with that black plastic. They’ve come to be something that’s as common on my work bench as monster truck tires. I don’t even know how many I’ve purchased over the years!

To all you folks out there getting your brand new Axial SMT10 Raw Builder’s Kits this week (they are now shipping-hooray!), don’t forget to bring an extra $10 note when heading to the hobby shop!

The Kimbrough Large Size Heavy Duty Servo Saver may not be the sexiest of upgrades, but damn if it’s not one of the most important ones for the active r/c monster trucker! Regardless of your choice of make and model, the Kimbrough helps your big wheeler safely go where it needs to.


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