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Monster Truck Madness – Another Season in the Books

Hey all and Happy Thursday!

This past weekend, in Waterloo, IL, we just finished our 9th outdoor Summer season of Trigger King R/C monster truck racing. It’s crazy that just the other day it felt like I was preparing my trucks for the first event of 2023. Even crazier than that, it feels like it wasn’t too long ago that we were preparing trucks for our first ever TK event which was held back in 2014. 9 years goes by fast.

Congrats to all of our season winners! The photo above shows the top 3 Retro Clod season champs. Across our 3 racing classes of Outlaw Retro Clod Buster, Sport Modified, and Pro Modified, 3 names podiumed over all of them- Bob C. Chandler, Chris Parrish and Jeremy Mark, albeit in various combinations. Freestyle was totally different however, with Isaac Ankrom, Troy Hawes and Andy Salerno making up the podium.

Outlaw Retro Clod Buster

1st: Bob C. – BIGFOOT #7
2nd: Bear Foot Racer – Chris Parrish
3rd: Buffalo Tremor II – Jeremy Mark

Sport Modified

1st: Bob C. Chandler – Firestone Destination BIGFOOT
2nd: Jeremy Mark – Taurus (Taurus R/C Monster Truck Racing)
3rd: Bear Foot Racer – Chris Parrish (Mean Duck R/C Racing)

Pro Modified

1st: Bob C. Chandler – Firestone BIGFOOT
2nd: Chris Parrish – Indominus
3rd: Jeremy Mark – Sudden Impact

1st: Isaac Ankrom – Rockstar
2nd: Troy Hawes – Wild Hair
3rd: Andy Salerno – JGW

If you are wanting to see more photos or more info on our club, you can visit our Facebook page here – Trigger King R/C Monster Truck Racing Series

A couple takeaways from racing solid axle monster trucks the past year-

• The JConcepts Regulator chassis continues to dominate Retro Clod racing. While several trucks sported different types of chassis, I believe every event was won by a Regulator equipped truck.

• To be competitive in Sport Modified, a truck needs to be equipped with two brushed motors, whether that means a Clod OR an LMT/Axial based truck converted from one motor to two.

• Pro Mod r/c monster truck racing is a street fight between heavily modified Tamiya Clod Busters and Losi LMT’s. Yes, some Axial based trucks were competitive here as well, but by and large this class is a heavyweight bout between the aforementioned rigs.

• Freestyle is almost completely Losi LMT’s these days. And if not an LMT, Freestyle R/C based monster trucks….which heavily influenced the design of the Losi LMT. So yeah, the LMT rules the roost here as it’s mix of performance and toughness makes for a great combo.

All in all, a great season! Huge thanks to JB Scale Graphics for allowing us to use their top notch Field of Dreams Raceway!

Until next time, keep it on all 4’s!

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