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Monster Truck Madness – Backyard Arena

Awhile back when I said I’d be featuring a reader’s vehicle each week at the end of my column, I didn’t expect to get whole freakin’ arena to show off, but that’s what I have here!

I scoped out David H.’s killer backyard track when he was posting about it on one of the solid axle monster truck groups that I frequent, and just had to have some details. He was kind enough to give me some pics, information and even a short video!

It’s a realistic recreation of a dirt track that you’d see the Monster Jam promotion running in hockey rink arenas. With dimensions of the track measuring 12’ width x 19’ length, that’s REALLY close to right at 1/10 scale.

The main obstacle measures 9’ wide x 4’ deep x 6” tall on the side jumps and 17” tall on the center main jump.

What he’s got built here is the type of setup that I hope to install at my new house, once I get past the miserable process of ACTUALLY moving that I’m mired in. (p.s., if you’re wondering why I haven’t written about the Black edition Clod that I picked up two weeks ago, that’s why!). The room I’ll have in my backyard will be very close to this. Thanks for the inspiration, David!

Oh yes, he has a pretty sweet truck, too. It’s a modified Axial SMT10 that’s sporting a shorter wheelbase than normal, giving it that cool Digger #7 look, and 4 wheel steer for navigating the somewhat tight confines of the track. Oh, and it also has several red LEDs!

David provided this short video that shows him demoing the track at night, lights aglow! Awesome work, man. I know from experience track building can be a very difficult thing, especially when room is limited, and you have done a killer job my friend!

OK, so I promise to have an update on my Clod build soon. The assembly is now underway and I plan to go bashing with it this weekend as we have a club track build day on tap. Until then, keep it on all 4’s!


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