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Monster Truck Madness – Buyin’ and Sellin’

Hello everyone, Happy Thursday. There’s a very timely e-mail that just came in today, so let’s get right to it.

Hi Doug, nice to email meet you.

Got a question for you: I’m super intrigued by Horizon Hobby’s sale on the Losi LMT roller—$260 until 4/22 or supplies run out. However, I’m skeptical. Why the deep discount? Anything (like a V2, for example) coming out that might explain the discount? Any reason you know of to not buy the on-sale roller? Any advice for me?

Also, I regularly watch, live,  the Big Squid show. I regularly consume the Trigger King videos, and I’ve benefited a crapload from your expertise and your good reporting and writing. So this is a much overdue thank you for your work online. Please keep it up. Much appreciated.

Finally, I hope I can make it to a Trigger King race this year. Not to race. Not yet. Just to check out the whole thing and get a feel for it. Looks like fun.

Thanks again,

Tom H.

Hey, thank you Tom. I really appreciate it. I passed this note on to the Trigger King crew as well as everyone works hard putting those events on and it’s nice to hear from someone who enjoys them. I know they appreciate it, too. We’d love to see you come out for a race to take it in!

Ok, so this is a very timely e-mail as I’ve gotten several inquiries about the sale on Losi LMT’s and Axial SMT10 Raw Builder’s kits. Both have been on sale lately. I’ve seen people blowing up the message boards about it too, wondering what gives.

Here’s what I do know- these are killer buys at the price. If I didn’t already have a large fleet of vehicles to where I’m racing the maximum allowed per our club, I’d jump on it.

You asked specifically about the Losi, so I’ll answer that specifically. You should do it. I think the Losi LMT roller is the best buy in r/c monster trucking today. The RTR has tires and servos that aren’t up to snuff, and a roller at this price meeans you don’t have to pay for the cheaper ones, really. Get some good JConcepts or Pro-Line tires and a quality servo, add your electronics and you’ve got a wicked solid axle rig.

I don’t think there is anything to be afraid of here. I’m not aware of anything being discontinued or a new one coming out. That’s not to say an update won’t happen eventually or even soon, but if it does there’s nothing “wrong” with the current LMT so the roller is a fantastic buy, especially at that dollar amount. IMO, if you are in the market for a truck I’d grab one. I’m not sure why they are trying to reduce inventory, but I think it’s a fantastic deal regardless.

I hope that helps. If you’ve got a monster truck related question, please e-mail me at doug at

Until next week, keep it on all 4’s!

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