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Monster Truck Madness – Gettin’ After It

What’s up everyone? Happy Thursday!

It’s funny how the hobby works. A couple weeks ago due to being in the middle of moving houses and a variety of activities that all seemed to hit at once, I was ready to write about how I was dealing with burn-out and was perhaps on the verge of needing to take a break from the hobby.

A mere several weeks later, now that I’m settled into the new house, I’m currently happily working on three different r/c projects (my Cross RC HC6, airbrushing a body for my TLR LMT, and I just picked up an RC4WD Beast II from a buddy) as well as building several 1/35 and 1/24 plastic models. Heh. I think the moral of the story here is that moving is always terrible and pretty much sucks the joy from your life while you are in the middle of doing it.

So, while I’m working on several things at the moment it never hurts to plan on ANOTHER thing, right?

The new RC4WD K10 Scottsdale has me all sorts of hot and bothered. I was talking to Jeremy about his, and he freakin’ loves it. Various other folks who got an early release truck seem to be fawning over it as well.

It looks like RC4WD nailed the proportions of the truck as well as some of the options, not the least of which are the K44 axles with CVD’s. It has the looks of a rig you’d see in Peterson’s 4 Wheel and Offroad magazine with the performance you expect of a modern r/c scaler (albeit a true scale type of truck).

This has really got my brain a churning. I’m curious if this truck, with the help of some custom lift blocks, custom leaf packs, and bigger tires, could be made into a proper Stage I type early/mid 80’s monster truck?

Or if not a full on monster truck, I wonder how big of tires I could tuck under the fender wells? HMMMMMM.

A scale mud truck is another great option, as you don’t necessarily have to have huge tires for that, per se.

While it looks like it would be a crime to paint that nicely finished body, I’d have to do it. This truck would need to be another Rotten Apple.

Ugh, I don’t immediately need another project, do I?

We will see what the fall releases have in store as I’ve only got so much budget, but as of right now, the RC4WD K10 is in the lead for what new r/c project to take on this Fall!

In the meantime, be sure to check out Jeremy’s write-ups and videos of the K10.

Keep it on all 4’s!

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