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Monster Truck Madness – Hammer Time

Happy Thursday, folks! The weekend is so close you can almost taste it.

Last week the gang at RC4WD announced their Iron Hammer 1/8 Steel Monster Truck Chassis.

The Iron Hammer is aptly named, as it’s a big ‘ol chunk of metal. The chassis features 3 lbs of welded steel tubing! It’s a burly piece of kit that would seem to be very heavy duty, as this kind of construction is similar to other detailed super-scale aftermarket chassis that I’ve seen flogged in competition with no ill-effect. This would appear to follow-suit!

And so yes, you can order a chassis but the actual ordering process is where it gets really interesting, as on the ordering page RC4WD allows the customer to add on other components to complete their build, making it truly ala cart.

Want axles to go along with your chassis and maybe a servo? Order it directly on the page. Want the whole she-bang to get everything you need to turn the chassis into a running monster truck in one fell swoop? Order it with all the options.

This is something that wannabe solid axle monster truck owners have been clamoring for for some time- the ability to buy just what they need.

Yes, the Axial SMT10 Raw Builder’s Kit and Losi LMT Rollers are both kit offerings. The difference here is that this “build your monster truck” experience appears to be aimed more at the ultra scale guys, and neither the Axial or Losi are really geared for that kind of customer.

I really like this approach, and good on RC4WD for trying it out. It’s yet another option for the hobbyist looking to get into this genre without having to know a machinist or custom builder to get specialty components!

And it never stops being fascinating to me to see this subset of the hobby continue become more mainstream. I love it!

Until next time, keep it on all 4’s.

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