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Monster Truck Madness – Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live

The best way to kick-off 2020? Taking in a monster truck show. A FULL-SIZE monster truck show, that is!

The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live tour rolled into my hometown of St. Charles, MO this past weekend, and of course I was in attendance to take in the festivities. It had been about 10 or 11 years since I have attended a small arena show- most of what I go to these days are the larger Dome-style events. It was a lot of fun!

Six monster trucks make up the tour – BIGFOOT, Hot Wheels Racer (which is actually BIGFOOT #18 with a slick Hot Wheel livery), Tiger Shark (yeah, my kids loved this one, you are gonna see a replica in this column soon!), Bone Shaker, Demo Derby and V8 Bomber. They compete in 5 different contests during the event, Wheelie, Long Jump, Donut, Racing and Freestyle, and a winner is crowned from who scores the highest across all of them.

There is also some Freestyle motocross mixed in and…..


I have been attending monster truck shows since I was less than 1 year old back in 1984. To my knowledge, I have never seen a transformer in person. That is, until this event!

Megasaurus rolls into the arena looking like a tracked Armored Personnel Carrier and then the dinosaur portion sprouts out of the front. It then picks up and eats a car, ripping it in half all the while breathing fire.

Hey r/c companies- scale is in right now. Why can’t anyone make a ready to run tank dinosaur that breathes fire and eats other vehicles? This would market itself, folks. I’ll make sure to head up that review!

Anyways, the event was a lot of fun and the flagship Mattel owned Hot Wheels brand has a very good thing going here in what’s just it’s second year of the tour. The event is a brisk two hours with plenty of on-track action and is perfect for kids. I had my 4 and 6 year old daughters with me, and they had a blast!

And of course, the actual Hot Wheels toy monster trucks were promoted very heavily as was toy-grade hobby manufacturer New Bright, which is an associate sponsor. It’s all part of the machine that gets youngsters into monsters, which eventually makes for more folks to find their way to the hobby. A good thing, IMO.

All in all, an excellent way to start the year off. If the Hot Wheels tour comes to your area, check it out!


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