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Monster Truck Madness – It’s a baby LMT!

Greetings all and happy Thursday!

Well, some big (small) news dropped today! Losi has announced the 1/18 Mini LMT 4X4 Brushed Monster Truck RTR, in Grave Digger and Sonuva Digger body packages.

You can click the link here for the full specs, but the main gist is that Losi, well, shrank the larger LMT into a smaller platform that has a very similar configuration to the 1/10 version, solid axles and all.

I’ve not had my hands on one yet, so I can really just offer several initial thoughts on the truck from the promo media that’s out there.

The first of which is that I think 1/18 was the absolute right call for size. I just don’t like the 1/24 scale monster trucks. There, I said it. I’ve built one and had RTR ones….but that size is just too small for my taste. 1/18 is about perfect for a small size monster truck IMO. It’s small enough to be able to run in a smaller type of space, but large enough to do actual monster truck things. So good on Losi for going slightly larger versus micro.

The second thing that jumps out at me is that I think the baby LMT actually has slightly better proportions than the full size one, in particular the tires. They really nailed the BKT size and they look good with the body. I like the look of the single chassis plates as well.

Last thing is the price. The truck retails for $269.99, and if it does indeed perform like it does in the PR videos that are out there already, that’s a great number to be at. It comes with a battery even, so everything you need is in the box.

The trucks are currently slated to release in December and I plan to pick one up when they do. I’ll have a very detailed write-up on the truck at that time!

Until next time, keep it on all 4’s!

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