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Monster Truck Madness – It’s More Fun with Friends

With the Losi LMT about to be released to the masses in early 2021, methinks that that, combined with (hopefully) large gatherings being allowed again by the time weather starts to warm, we are headed towards a banner year for solid axle monster truck racing.

I feel like whether it’s this platform or the Trigger King YouTube channel, I’m pretty in tune with the monster truck community and it sure sounds like there are A LOT of people looking to get into organized racing very soon.

Look at this letter I got from Jeramie on the subject

Hey Doug

After recently stumbling upon the Trigger King YouTube channel (and becoming a subscriber), I went out and bought a couple of Axial SMT 10 RTR Grave Diggers with hopes of finding a club like Trigger King to become involved with. I live about 75 miles north of Dallas and have searched the internet for information about solid axle monster truck rc clubs in my area. So far I have found no info so I thought about just starting my own club with my brothers. I enjoyed reading your article on Big Squid RC about starting a monster truck club and found it very helpful.

The reason I’m writing is to see if you know of any groups in Texas or could steer me in the direction of some solid axle monster truck enthusiasts from north Texas or southern Oklahoma. This may sound like an odd request but I thought you would be a great resource since you are so plugged in to the solid axle monster truck scene. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Jeramie Sweet

Thanks Jeramie. To answer your question, no, I don’t know of any clubs in North Texas. And no, it’s not an odd request. I always get contacted from folks hoping to find people to race with.

Here is what I’d suggest to not only you Jeramie, but anyone else looking to start a solid axle monster truck club-

Start posting on your local Facebook r/c message groups that you are looking for someone to race monsters with. You will most likely be able to drum up a few people. It really only takes 4 guys with 4 trucks! That’s how Trigger King was started!

I would strongly suggest that you run a very simple rules package. You can get mired in all that stuff later if your turnouts get bigger. Just figure out a motor limitation and what tire size to run (the SMT10 has 2.2 tires stocks, but easily accepts bigger 2.6 Clod tires).

With the Losi LMT coming out, that makes it even simpler. Just run a class of them and don’t allow any changes save for gearing and bodies. Boom. Instant competitive solid axle monster truck racing.

Have a couple small get togethers and run heads up racing, have fun, and post a few pics of it. That’ll get people talking. Soon 4 trucks can become 8, and then all of a sudden you have a legit thing going on.

I really think that’s all you need to get going! Good luck!

Oh, and for those wondering about racing Losi LMTs, I plan to eventually write-up my opinion on what rules package should be used for a stock class of them that still allows for minor modification. Trigger King plans to run this class in 2021, and as we finalize what that will look like I’ll be sure to share it here!

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