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Monster Truck Madness – King Slingin’

Late last week the folks at Losi dropped a surprise out of the nowhere, a mega truck version of the LMT in officially licensed King Sling and Bog Hog liveries! This news set monster truck message boards alight over the weekend.

This isn’t a case where the LMT platform just made a tire and body swap either- there are a good bit of differences from the monster truck version. I figured I’d catalog them here, in case you were wondering-

– Chassis plates are powder coated orange or green depending on model

– Slighter shorter chassis

– Longer wheelbase with longer 4 link bars

– New battery tray

– No wheelie bar

– Cage flips up from the front, not the rear

– Updated shock design (that includes mud guards) for added resistance to pulling apart under extreme stress

– New motor – Spektrum 2800kv that’s designed to handle 4S

And then of course you have the aforementioned licensed bodies AND rice and cane style wheels/tires.

There are enough changes here to where I’d actually classify this an LMT.2.

I have not gotten wheel time with one, but my LHS had a King Sling on display and I gotta say, they look VERY impressive. I think Losi absolutely nailed the proportions of the Anderson family’s famous mega trucks. The monster truck LMT versions look sharp, but they have slightly bigger bodies proportionally than what you’d see in real life. These are dead-nuts. Nice work Losi.

The new Paddy tires look wicked and I think I’m most curious to feel how this truck handles. The monster truck version’s weak spot is the servo, as the stock Spektrum has issues keeping the big front tires planted. These are much thinner and, most likely, lighter. I’m hoping that it steers true without an upgrade.

I plan to purchase a King Sling version of the truck to turn into a Rotten Apple mega truck. That green chassis will look slick with a grey and neon green Chevy C10 body sitting atop it!

Will it see mud though? Man, I dunno. I’ve raced r/c mega trucks for two seasons before and while it’s an absolute blast….cleaning them after a race day is the inverse of fun. I suppose to maintain some semblance of street cred for this weekly blog I’ll have to put it through the pit at least once, right?

The LMT Mega Truck goes on sale in September, and I hope to have some hands-on impressions for you after I get some trigger time in. Until then, keep it on all 4’s!


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