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Monster Truck Madness – Losi Mini LMT Detailed Running Impressions

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday! Today, it’s time for my “mini” review of the Losi Mini LMT Monster Truck.

The truck has been out several months now, but it’s taken a moment for me to get one in my hands. Let me talk about why that is.

I’ll be straight with ya’ll, I have been pretty soured on “mini monster trucks” after building and driving various 1:24-ish scale trucks when they became a fad back in 2022 (if I remember right). They felt nothing like a monster truck to me, and really nothing more than a novelty if I want to be very harsh.

I don’t mean to throw shade at folks that dig micro monsters mind you, different strokes and all that, but because of my experience with those tiny trucks I wasn’t exactly dying to throw cash at the Losi, what with a myriad of other things currently out there vying for my dollar.

I knew I wanted one eventually though, and when the Horizon website got them back in stock I figured I’d take the plunge, if for nothing else than to write my impressions here. I’m a massive fan of the full size Losi LMT, mind you.

I ordered a Grave Digger and it showed up last week.

At a retail price of $269 dollars, you get everything you need in the box. This is a true RTR type kit, as your battery and charger are included.

Cosmetics wise, the Mini LMT looks fantastic. I think the proportions of it are better at re-creating both Grave Digger and Sonuva Digger moreso than even the 1:10 version of the truck. The tire proportions look close to dead nuts to the real thing.

General construction of the truck seems very solid- beefy axles, nice sway bars, integrated cage, a solid driveline. Good stuff.

And on the note of the tires, the included BKT’s are nice and grippy. The servo doesn’t feel high torque, but the truck feels plenty nimble.

The battery charges relatively quick, and the brushed motor has plenty of pep. I’ll probably upgrade mine to brushless, but the average hobbyist can have plenty of fun with it as is.

The short of it is this, despite the preconceived notions I had about small scale monster trucks- the Losi Mini LMT is badass and a lot of fun. I think they got the size right, as it’s clearly much smaller than it’s larger brethren and therefore is a different class of truck, but it’s large enough to have fun with outside and still feel like a true performance r/c vehicle.

The only real negatives I see are attributed to the smaller size- the truck could use a bit more weight when jumping as it feels a bit flighty due to the size/weight combo. It’s not as bad as the 1:24 trucks though. It still feels “monster truck-y”, just not as pronounced as bigger rigs. The steering also feels a bit twitchy, again because of the size/weight, but it’s a minor gripe.

Other than that, the Losi Mini LMT is an awesome truck and, in my opinion, a heck of a buy at under $300. I’m looking forward to modding mine and eventually racing them (more on this topic in a future post).

I’ve already started the modding process- turning Grave Digger into Rotten Apple, by way of a Traxxas TRX-4M Ford body. More on that next week 🙂

Until then, keep it on all 4’s!


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