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Traxxas RC 18th TRX-4M Land Rover Bronco Scale Rock Crawlers

Monster Truck Madness – Many Minis

Hey all and Happy Thursday! Today we are gonna discuss the Traxxas TRX-4M.

The TRX-4M was the hottest release in the hobby over the holiday season, and while hobby shops across the country seemingly finally have them in stock with regularity, they remain a very hot ticket.

The aftermarket around the baby TRX4 has been the most interesting part of it though, as despite the truck only being available for a couple months, we are starting to see all sorts of interesting conversions for the drivetrain. Everything from converting it to a leaf sprung truck, to making it a rock bouncer.

Ah, you guys know where I’m going with this right? I know several folks who are R&D’ing some prototype monster truck setups for the drivetrain. I am particularly interested in hearing about some old-school style monster truck conversions utilizing small leafs. I am here for that!

The TRX4-4M is wonderfully engineered small scale truck, and that combined with the popularity of the platform means you are probably going to keep seeing interesting conversions for it.

The Land Rover and Bronco versions are sweet, but how cool with it be if they downsized the killer looking High Trail! Give me a baby square body Chev-ah-lay! That would be the version I’d want to give the monster truck conversion to, assuming one gets released!

Given how popular the High Trail is, specifically the body, I wouldn’t be shocked to see a 1/18 version of the truck on this chassis. Seeing how they’d pull off the lift kit in 1/18 scale would be interesting to see!

I actually recently picked up the Land Rover version of the truck, and plan to do a Camel-trophy style rig utilizing the cargo trailer for some scale overland trailing with it this Spring and Summer. I’ll post something about it when I get mine painted up!

In the meantime, keep it all.

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