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Monster Truck Madness – Mini Mud Trucks

Hey gang, Happy Thursday to you!

I feel like over the past calendar year I’ve written a lot about mud trucks. Around this time last year the original Traxxas TRX-4 High Trail was announced and released. I preordered one and had a blast with it. Just a couple weeks ago the gang at RC4WD announced the Scottsdale K10. They aren’t out yet, but I want one bad and plan to grab one this Fall.

It’s been a solid 12 months for fans of jacked up American Iron. Especially those who enjoy the bowtie variety.

I suppose I’m going to stay on brand this week then, because Traxxas just announced the 1/18 TRX-4M High Trail Chevrolet K10, and yep, I want one.

Traxxas didn’t just slap a body on the TRX-4M, they gave it the lift treatment ala the 1/10 version. Bigger tires, a suspension with more ground clearance, a nicely detailed hardbody with CLEAR windows- it’s a nice little package.

And all that with a battery and charger for under $200. NOICE.

My 1/10 High Trail was used as a mini monster truck as I just couldn’t bare getting the thing muddy. The little one though? Absolutely perfect candidate for it.

The standard TRX-4M has interested me ever since it was announced and I’ve come close to pulling the trigger on one a few times over the last year but figured eh, I don’t really need another standard scaler (even though this one is smaller). A mini mud/monster truck though? Easy decision for me.

I really appreciate how the TRX-4M is small but juuuust large enough to work out on a standard trail. The High Trail edition gives it just a smidge more ground clearance, which is about perfect for a small scaler.

Especially for a mud truck. It’s big enough to be able to play in some actual bog, but small enough to not be a hassle to transport when filthy or to clean.

Sign me up!

One would assume that a white paintable hard body is going to come soon, like for the Defender and Bronco. And when it does, it’s time for a mini Rotten Apple weathered junkyard scheme!

Looking forward to picking mine up at the LHS. Look for more on the 1/18 High Trail soon!

Until next time, keep it on all 4’s!

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