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Monster Truck Madness – More TLR Tuned Race Spec Impressions

Hello folks, you’ve made it to Thursday and another Monster Truck Madness!

The Trigger King monster truck club that I race with recently held their second outdoor race of the season, and I was able to get even more trigger time in with my TLR tuned Losi LMT. Not only that, but several of the trucks were in competition across various classes by way of different drivers.

The general consensus among owners, all of us having two full event days on the trucks now, is that out of the rigs in our fleet, it’s among the best handling or at least is as good as any of our other heavily modified trucks.

I concur with this overall sentiment. “Rotten Candy Apple” is my favorite race rig in my fleet (although I will be re-doing the body soon with a JConcepts 97 Ford– I botched my initial paint job!). I’m running a Spektrum S6250 servo and Graupner 5.5 sensored brushless setup, so I have plenty of both go-forward and turning power. The truck feels light and agile like one of my Axial based trucks, but slightly more planted both in turning and when under acceleration.

It’s very balanced in the air. Due to the carbon fiber chassis and electronics placement, pretty much all of the weight of the truck is in the axles. It flies very straight and smooth, and is very reactive to throttle input for adjustment.

I would STRONGLY recommend that you run a sensored brushless system in one of these. I feel like this chassis would be highly reactive to the cogging and general less-sensitiveness of an unsensored motor in a negative way. I’d assume that most folks paying the price of admission for the TLR tuned getup are probably planning to use it in a racing application, so just make sure if so you spring for a nice sensored motor/esc combo. I’ll write more about this coming soon.

We actually had someone run there TLR tuned LMT with a brushed motor in our limited to 17t brushed motor Sport Mod class (the first LMT of any kind we’ve ever had compete in it) and performed wonderfully, even making a final round appearance. I’d expect that we will now see more of them make their way into the class, as the previous hang-up with equipping an LMT for this was the thought that the truck was probably too heavy for a brushed motor to push it compared to Clods and Axial based trucks. The TLR tuned LMT had no such issue!

The TLR tuned LMT feels like a high end race vehicle and I really competing with mine and it appears many of my racing buddies feel the same way. We will see how it goes throughout the Summer!

Until next week, keep it on all 4’s.

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Posted by in Losi, Monster Truck Madness on Thursday, May 18th, 2023 at 3:09 pm