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ARRMA Kraton Review

Monster Truck Madness – Odds and Ends

Hey, yo (say it in a Scott Hall accent), time for another Monster Truck Madness. Sort of an odds & ends thaaang this week.

Big thanks to all ya’ll that wrote in via e-mail or left a comment in reference to last week’s blog trying to help me pick out which ARRMA bashing monster truck to get. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise, but you folks really love your ARRMA monsters!

While it wasn’t on my actual list, several folks made great arguments for the Kraton. Trust me, that truck looks REALLY appealing to me…but I figured I’d rather do something that’s a bit more traditional monster truck looking vs. straight-up truggy, even if the Granite and Notorious do share similarities with it.

And hey, given that the Kraton IS a no-bones-about-it truggy, that is quite the compliment that I’d even consider one. I have always held some ill-will towards that type of vehicle because I was involved in the nitro monster truck racing scene in the early 2000’s (thanks to the T-Maxx and its ilk) when truggies infiltrated and effectively killed the class. At least that’s how it was local to me. Monster Truck became Arena Truck. *shudders*

My immaturity aside, I get it. Wheeling a modified Maxx truck on an off-road track compared to truggy was like comparing a dump truck to a Ford Raptor. Progress usually wins…but still. Old grudges die hard, I guess. Hey, if I had a big off-road track readily available to bash on, you know for sure i’d nab one of those things. As of right now though I don’t so I’ll keep the Kraton on the back burner.

Oh, and yes I’m aware that the Notorious is pretty much the same as the Kraton with the exception of wheelbase and a few other things…but the Notorious has a truck body on it! So that makes it a monster truck! You can’t tell me any different! *plugs ears and whistles loudly*

Jokes aside, I am pumped to get back to bashing.

However, the bashing will have to wait a couple more weeks as I have just a wee bit more solid axle monster truck business to attend to first. I want to give a polite “heads-up” that the JConcepts King of the Monster Trucks race is quickly approaching. My club is hosting the event in Fenton, MO Oct 6 and 7 and it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

See BIGFOOT #1, get an unreleased JConcepts monster truck body, race monster and mega trucks, participate in carnage filled freestyle….there’s a lot that’s gonna be going down over those two days. Whether you are a noob or zealot like yours truly, we’d love to see you there! Full event details can be found right here.

Until next time, keep it all 4’s!

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