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Monster Truck Madness – Pro-Line Decimator Monster Truck Tires Review

Hey folks, this week in MTM I’m finally ready to do my mini-review of the Pro-Line Decimator 2.6″ Solid Axle Monster Truck Tire.

Link: Pro-Line Decimator Monster Truck Tires
Part #: 10162-02
Height: 5.64″ (143mm)
Width: 3.42″ (87mm)

Pro-Line Racing kicked off the revitalization of the solid axle r/c monster truck movement back in 2015 with the release of the Destroyer tire. At the time, there really wasn’t much out there in the way of an all-out performance racing tire that also looked the scale part.¬†Replicating the full size BKT terra tire that saw heavy usage on the Monster Jam circuit, the Destroyer was massive hit on the Clod racing scene.

The Decimator is a true sequel to that tire then, as while the Destroyer was very much designed with the spirit of a Gen 1 BKT tire in mind, the Decimator closely resembles a newer Gen 3 BKT that you’ll see the 2019 version of Grave Digger tearing up stadiums with.

So, all that said, I’ve had some time with the Decimators mounted up to my Big Squid RC Boss ACRC/Axial based monster, including a full race day, and I want to share some impressions.

First thing to note- the wheels I’m using are Pro-Line Brawlers with a 17.5mm offset, which is the size you need for most applications that aren’t stock Tamiya Clod Buster.

The Decimator has an un-cut, flat chevron tread pattern with a relatively deep lug profile that, along with the M3 racing compound it’s molded in, allows for a VERY grippy tire in the dirt. Said lugs are very pliable and allow you to drive hard in the corners and still have a ton of bite, even at speed. The tires had so much grip in the corners that I actually was missing my usual braking points and turning right into the turn pylons. Oops. There is a lot of traction on hand, here.

This is a big improvement over the aforementioned Destroyer tires, as when driven on loose dirt they are very “skatey” thanks to the shallow tread pattern. That isn’t a problem with the Decimator.

The tires have a really good amount of forward grip as well, just know that they don’t bite quite as hard on loose stuff as “cut” tires like Pro-Line Devastators or JConcepts Renegades.

The flat, soft tread gives you mega-grip on high bite stuff like cement or packed dirt, so drive accordingly lest you be prepared to go ass-over-teakettle!

The included foams are top notch and are stiff enough to support the weight of my heavy aluminum chassis’d rig all the while allowing for the suspension to do it’s thing with minimal bounce.

Grass bashing is also handled with ease, as I was bombing around freshly cut deep grass with absolutely no problem. Hey, one of the advantages of a large monster truck, right?

There really isn’t a lot more to say here – the Pro-Line Decimator is a fantastic solid axle monster truck tire that works well in hardcore racing or bashing applications. Those that enjoy the Destroyer tire, but want more grip on a variety of surfaces- here’s your answer. These things are ace.

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