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Monster Truck Madness – Repainting the RC4WD K10 Scottsdale?

Hey gang and Happy Thursday!

The RC4WD K10 Scottsdale that I ordered arrived late last week (thank you Remote Control Hobbies of Orlando!) and I’ve had a few days to paw it over.

Like seemingly everyone else on the Internet who has one of these puppies, I’m impressed with it. This is the first time I’ve had a LWB Trail Finder 2 and I really appreciate that extra length versus the shorter original. The Chevy body is absolutely stunning! It’s an automotive style paint job with a very nice subtle metallic flake purple.

So here’s the deal- this truck is going to be done up as a Stage-1 style Rotten Apple monster truck. That means that the pretty purple, sadly, has to go.

I started disassembling the body to make it ready for paint when I realized how tricky this was going to be.

Most of the body kit comes apart easy enough, like the interior and grill. The internal fender wells and bumpers come un-installed, so no worries there either. The issue I ran into was that the windows, door panels, and light wiring were all glued. In the case of the wiring, with a thick epoxy type of glue. It’s all done in a very clean fashion.

I felt like getting everything apart would result in me butchering certain parts of it, and I figure it’s just not worth it. It all looks too nice.

So here’s my new plan- I’m going to just wait for RC4WD to release the separate unpainted body kit, and give THAT the Rotten Apple treatment- complete with some kind of engine sticking out of the hood.

The immaculate body it’s got will stay that way. Well, at least before I start running it! I do plan to put a light bar on the back of it, though.

I’ll mess with giving it drastically taller tires and more lift whenever a body kit is released. In the meantime I plan to opt for slightly larger tires and slightly smaller wheels. I’ll be putting 1.55″‘s on it with a tire in the 4-ish inch OD range.

Those small changes should give it that 80’s show truck vibe I’m wanting. It’ll tide me over until I can start monsterizing it!

So while I decided to leave this body as-is, with the interior out I figured it was a good time to add a driver. I used a GI Joe figurine I found at Wal-Mart and some plastic cement.

Turned out great!

That’s all for the K10 for now. When you see it next, it’ll be slightly different looking!

Until next time, keep it on all 4’s!


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