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Monster Truck Madness – Sledges, LMTs and Odd & Ends

Hello everyone and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Starting off, anyone reading this at the time of publication should check out Horizon Hobby’s Flash Sale. Losi LMT Rollers are $150 off and the RTR Grave Digger and Sonuva Digger are discounted $200! Those are some crazy deals. And no, I’m not getting paid or kick backs or anything from this, I’m just trying to do ya’ll a solid! That’s the best deal you’re going to find if you’ve been wanting to get into high performance solid axle monster truckin’.

So, the Traxxas Sledge. The big T with a big announcement this week and BSRC has been all over it. Check out the unboxing, running video and write-up!

This is really interesting because usually Traxxas is the champion in the ring, not the challenger (well, the TRX-4 aside!). In this case, the Sledge is taking aim at the current champ-een of truggy bashers, the Arrma Kraton. May the best truck win! I know the guys up in Chicago are currently bashing the truck hard, with a more detailed review to come soon.

Shoutout to Traxxas for the name, as it invokes the spirit of the classic Traxxas Sledgehammer monster truck! I’d love to see that one come out sometime as a re-release!

Now to the mailbag.

Doug, my name is Brad G. I have a few questions that I hope you can help me with.

1. Does SicnMe still produce the aluminum chassis that a lot of trigger king guys use? I can’t find anymore on eBay, and their Facebook page doesn’t look like it has had much activity in a while.

2. What do you think of the CPE time warp chassis? I haven’t seen any pics of guys racing retro using that chassis.

3. Can the Jconcepts regulator chassis be setup or lifted to give the truck a higher appearance. The pics I have seen, the truck seems to sit low. I prefer a higher sitting truck for a retro build. Thanks

Hi Brad. I will answer your questions the way they came in!

1. I have heard that SicnMe has stopped producing chassis for the time being. For those unaware, SicnMe was building old school style Clod chassis and selling them on eBay for the longest time, including re-productions of the old Sassy Chassis designs. Not sure if they are going to start again or not.

2. I do not have much experience with a Time Warp Chassis myself, but I’ve seen them. I think functionally they are fine, it’s really just a matter of if you like the aesthetics or not.

3. The JConcepts Regulator chassis is a fantastic build point if you are wanting to build a Clod that looks old school, but that’s built with modern materials and a race friendly design. I’m not aware of anyone who’s lifted a Regulator, but if you had a way of raising the shock and body mounts, you could do it. There are various Clod lift kits available out there, I just don’t know if they work with a Regulator or not.

Send pics of whatever you wind up going with!

Alright folks, that’ll do for today. See ya next week!

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