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Monster Truck Madness – So Many Gears

Hey everyone, Happy Thursday!

I have finally begun building my Tamiya Konghead 6×6, and thus far it’s been a fun and relatively simple build. The photo above is that of the gearbox, right before mating both sides of the chassis together. It’s a pretty wild design in that the entire driveline is gears!

The entire chassis IS the gearbox. There is a reason that the bearing kits are kind of expensive for these trucks- there are A LOT of bearings needed. Given all the gears here, I think a bearing kit is an absolute necessity if you plan to actually drive yours.

I’m eschewing the Tamiya silver can 27t to put in a Reedy 17t to give the truck slightly more pep. The Konghead can be made to be 4WS fairly easily, but I’m going to keep it standard front steer only.

The big rig body is mainly lexan, but it does have some cool hard plastic details. I’m going to go close to box art with it. The main color will be green, but I intend to use the decals.

The big rig body is mainly lexan, but it does have some cool hard plastic details.

Note that since we are in the dead of winter here in the midwest, I won’t be able to do the paint on it until we get a couple of serviceable temperature days as my rattle can spraying area is in the garage.

I plan to use it primarily to mess around with at Trigger King R/C monster truck racing events in between races. It will spend 99% of its time on my display shelf though!

The design and build of the truck is very “Tamiya”, and I mean that in all the ways. It’s a quirky design and is fun to build.

I’ve not even finished the Konghead yet and I’m already looking forward to my next Tamiya kit. I have been wanting to do a new Squash Van, but given that the SV is basically the same build/construction as the Konghead (albeit with four wheels, not six), I think I’m going to finally have a go at building a Wild Willy.

More on the plans for the Jeep later though. Gotta finish up the Konghead first. I’ll post the glamour shots when I get ‘er finished!

Until next time, keep it on all 4’s!

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