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Monster Truck Madness – So Many Parts

Hello everyone and happy Thursday!

The UPS man has been loving me lately, as I’ve had a steady stream of monster truck parts coming to my house with no signs of stopping.

I’m preparing for the 2022 monster truck racing season and overhauling many trucks in the fleet- new bodies, new tires, fresh components, all that good stuff. The most dramatic overhaul is my Losi LMT. Last year I kept it mainly stock. Not at all this year, ha. What do I have on way for it?

– JConcepts Aggressor wheels and Renegade tires (already here and pre-mounted, yay)

– Spektrum S6250 Standard Digital HV High Torque Metal Gear Waterproof Surface Servo

– JConcepts 1989 F-250 body (This is going to be my first ever airbrushed body!)

– Treal LMT Outer Gearbox-Green

– Treal LMT Wheelie Bar-Green

– Treal LMT Steering Linkage-Green

– Treal LMT Front Knuckles-Green

– Treal LMT Front Axle-Green

– Treal LMT Rear Axle-Green

– Treal LMT Upper Links-Green

– Treal LMT Lower Links-Green

That’s going to be A LOT of Treal green machined aluminum! I’ve never done a blingy build before as I’m usually someone that enjoys my metal parts to be finished black- it’s more scale that way. On this particular truck though? Let it be wild.

I’m going to be airbrushing the body gunmetal and candy lime green, so it should tie it all together (I hope!).

The one thing I’m undecided on is what to swap the electronics out with. I’d like a sensored setup, as per our club rules you must stay on 2S. 2S power means un-sensored motors (like the stock Spektrum) are not as smooth as when you up the voltage to 3S. If any of you have a recommendation, I’m all ears! I may start the season with the stock one and then change depending on how I’m feeling.

All of my other race trucks got Crawler Innovations closed cell foams to go inside the proven JConcepts Renegade tires. CI closed cells are absolutely amazing upgrades for solid axle trucks! In an upcoming column I’ll discuss those in detail and show you the difference in how a truck lands with them versus a standard foam tire.

And if that wasn’t enough, I’m working on a couple new monster truck model dioramas. A busy couple of weeks ahead and I’m looking forward to talking about it throughout the rest of Winter.

Now, if you’ll excuse me it’s time to start prepping my JConcepts ’89 Ford body for airbrushing. See ya next week!

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