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Tamiya RC 10th Squash Van

Monster Truck Madness – Squash Vans and Other Fun Projects

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday! Those of you in the states- you’ve almost made it to a holiday weekend!

As we head into Labor Day Weekend, we are about to unofficially close the door on Fall. I’m ready for it. It’s been too hot outside!

Cool weather, football on tv, and autumn r/c bashing are 3 of my favorite things.

I wanted to briefly discuss the announcement of the Tamiya Squash Van.

I freaking love this thing. It’s extremely Tamiya, and I mean that in a very positive manner.

It looks to be about the size of a Blackfoot and sports their new GF-02 chassis. I LOVE the body and tire/wheel combo. I don’t know the retail cost on it, but I’m going to guess it’s around $200 USD give or take.

Tamiyas are always a blast to build. If you’ve never built one, I would strongly suggest grabbing something like a Midnight Pumpkin and giving it a whirl.

Despite me having no true use for it, I’m absolutely going to be building one of these. It will be fun to poke around with at the r/c monster truck track, and it will no doubt look fantastic on my bench next to my Lunch Box and Blackfoot.

Tamiya seems to be trickling out new releases as of late and I’m looking forward to seeing what else they have up their sleeve. They’ve been doing some limited edition Clods the last couple of years, and it would be cool if they do another one! What would be cooler? A Juggernaut re-release!

In a change of topics, guess what you’ll be seeing me talk about soon? My RC4WD K10 Scottsdale. I placed an order for mine from good friends of BSRC Orlando Hobbies.

I’ll detail my plans in an upcoming article, but I’m VERY excited. I haven’t owned an RC4WD Trail Finder type rig in years, and these days I’m big into ultra scale rigs so I can’t wait for it. It should be arriving next week sometime.

You can look for an update on my Cross RC HC-6 logging truck in the very near future as well. I’m nearly finished building the T835U logging trailer and adapting it to the HC-6, and it’s turning out freakin’ awesome. It may be the coolest truck in my fleet of vehicles. I’m hoping to finish it over the holiday weekend.

And with that, I’m outta here. I hope everyone has a nice loooooong weekend of pulling trigger!

Until next time, keep it on all 4’s!

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