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Monster Truck Madness – The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday!

I was hoping to discuss my new Losi Mini LMT this week, but it won’t arrive until after this posts. As the great Tom Petty said, “The waiting is the hardest part.”

I suppose the good news is that it’ll give me a full week to drive mine and get a feel for it, so barring some kind of important r/c monster truck news breaking in the immediate future that I have to address, look for some detailed impressions on the Mini LMT next week in this space.

So, what to do until then?

Well, I’ve been a building like a madman as of late, whether it’s been a Tamiya Kong Head, working on my race monster trucks, building scale models, or some other r/c projects I’ve yet to talk about….so I’m very happy the baby LMT comes pre-built! I’ve got plans to modify it of course, and I’ll talk about that next week, but given all I have going on it’s going to stay stock for a few minutes.

So with a “forced” week off from r/c, I was perusing my LHS to see what all is new and they got one of the new Traxxas Spartans in to display. It was sitting on the trailer that was announced for it as well. Holy cow, what an insanely large rig! I’ve never been a boating person per se (though I’ve wanted to build some kind of r/c warship!) but the thought of carving waves with that massive Spartan sounds like a ton of fun. I’d imagine those of you out there who will see it on display in their own LHS will have similar thoughts as mine.

I really like how the big r/c companies are doing releases these days – pretty much the day they are announced you can go into your LHS to get hands-on time with a display model and then decide whether to pre-order/order one. It does a good job of building hype as well as letting folks see them in person and develop more of their own conclusions. A far cry from the old days, lemme tell ya!

Speaking of trucks on display in my LHS, mine recently put out an Axial SCX6 (Honcho) and it looks amazing in person. These days, the terrain local to me is less friendly to 1/10 and smaller crawler rigs, so a truck the size of a small ATV would probably be a lot more fun! Maybe sometime soon I can score one.

Anyways, sorry for being rambly. Look for my detailed post-run impressions of the Losi Mini LMT next week! Until then, keep it on all 4’s!

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