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Monster Truck Madness – Things I Want to See in 2021

Hey gang, happy holidays! I wanna wind down the last two weeks of 2020 with two lists- this week things I WANT to see in this segment of the hobby in 2021, and next week some actual predictions of what I think WILL happen. Both are quite different!

So, without further adieu, here are 3 things I’d personally love to see happen in 2021 as they pertain to r/c monster trucks.

1/24 Solid Axle Monster Truck

Oh yeah, now that solid axle monsters are mainstream, I’ll get real greedy. I’d love to see a micro scale monster. The Axial SCX24 has been a hit (that trick limited edition Betty version rules!), so why not an SMT24? Hey, a guy can dream, right?

For real though, having a super-small scale monster like that would be so much fun. It can take a lot of work and space to create ample room for the big 1/10+ size monsters, but how cool would it be to create a Monster Jam-style stadium in 1/24? It wouldn’t take that much space!

Another big plus is that being in 1/24 scale means that there are a ton of model kit bodies that could be ganked to create almost any kind of replica one wanted to do. There are also ample opportunities to pillage the plastic model section of your hobby shop for crush cars, buses and various other obstacles that the big boys use.

Having a viable monster in this scale is probably my #1 hope for 2021 in the hobby.

A Scale-type Chevron Tread Tire in X-Maxx Size

I love my Traxxas X-Maxx. Love it dearly, in fact. It’s an animal. As a scale monster guy, though, I need some appropriate monster truck tires for it! Yes, I know that doing a scale-styled agricultural wheel would make for a potentially problematic hex situation given the kind of beating that the X-Maxx or other similar bashing style trucks put on their hardware, but the Losi LMT seems to of solved that problem rather elegantly with its short course-inspired wheel solution. So just scale it up for the X-Maxx!

JConcepts Renegades XL’s or Pro-Line Devastator XL’s, anyone?

Lexan Crush Cars get released to the mainstream

One of the main questions I field on the Trigger King YouTube channel is – Where do you guys get those crush cars? The answer is that they aren’t widely available and you have to contact someone about doing a special run of them.

Given the popularity of r/c monster trucking, I’d think a company would do very well offering a generic crush car body for a good price. I think doing some sort of crush car package with a way to mount them together would be even better!

Solid axle monster or not, crush cars are a blast to hit with your monster truck. They make the experience more fun and authentic! Let’s hope we see something like this come out!

So there’s three personal things I’d love to see happen next year. Next week I’ll take a stab at three predictions that I think will actually happen!

Enjoy the holidays, folks!

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