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Hitec Lynx 4S

More Information – Hitec Lynx 4S Radio with Telemetry

Hitec Lynx 4S Radio Transmitter
First seen at the Shizuoka Hobby Show a couple of weeks ago, Hitec has now released more information on their upcoming Lynx 4S radio system. The 4S looks to easily be the most technologically advanced transmitter that Hitec has ever produced. Some of its features include-

* Includes bi-directional telemetry for speed, rpm, temp, and voltage
* 4096 resolution
* Easy-to-Change Control Mode for left handed drivers
* Utilizes Hitec’s AFHSS 2.4GHz system
* Has ultra-fast 4ms Hitec High Response System (HHR)
* Includes steering wheel extension and built in antenna
* Can use a Micro SD card for model memory, music, & warning sound storage
* Has ear phone jack for listening to music & warning sounds
* 30 model memory standard, up to 60 with Micro SD
* Has variable mixing for 4WS/Crawling
* Has vibration mode and PC link support for firmware updates
* Backlit graphic LCD screen
* 6-Color LED indicates transmitter status (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Magenta/Cyan)
* Adjustable spring tension on steering & throttle, wheel and trigger position also adjustable

The part number and pricing information has not been released, but you can hit up This Link over on Hitec’s website for a few more details.

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