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More rumors on that Traxxas release

File this one firmly under the Rumor Mill. A friend of Big Squid RC, who happens to be in the know, just dropped by the IHobby booth and gave us this tidbit about the next Traxxas release. It could hit in the next few weeks, Traxxas is already taking dealer orders for it, and dealers are being told it will have a quite a bit higher price point than the Revo. We all know what kind of vehicles cost in the $1000 range (*cough*1/5 scale*cough*), so could this Traxxas be one of those vehicles? We don’t know yet. It’s also possible that it’s a 1/8 scale brushless buggy, those are typically around $800. Or it’s something completely new and different.

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Posted by in Rumor Mill, Traxxas on Friday, October 21st, 2011 at 2:52 pm