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Muchmore LED Setup Board

Muchmore Power Station Pro, LED Setup Board, & Tweak Master

Muchmore Power Station Pro
While most of the items that Muchmore Racing puts out are for the hardcore racing crowd, they recently introduced a nifty Power Station Pro that can come in handy for just about anyone. The Power Station Pro is a distribution block that has three 10 amp outputs, one 20 amp output, and even two 5V 2 amp outputs for USB devices in one anodized aluminum case #MMRP1065 is the part number for black, #MMRP1066 is the part number for blue, and each is street priced at $59.

For the high-zoot racing crowd, Muchmore also has a new LED Setup Board. If you want the ultimate in work surfaces, this 19 x 14.2 x .5″ board is as fancy as they come, and it has a part number of #MMRR3001 and is priced at $179.

Lastly, Muchmore has announced their new Tweak Master. The Tweak Master comes with a tempered glass base and carbon fiber tube to help work the tweak out of your touring car. The part number for the Tweak Master is #MMRR3002 while it is priced at $89.

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