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Mugen MBX7TR Eco Truggy

Mugen Seiki Announce MBX7TR & MBX7TR Eco Truggies

1/8 truggies are great machines for racing, but they also make good bashers. The latest 8th scale truggies to hit the market come from Mugen Seiki with their nitro powered MBX7TR and the electric MBX7TR Eco. Both truggies feature numerous upgrades from the previous version for better handling and improved durability. Some of the new stuff includes-

* 16mm hard anodized threaded shocks w/ 3.5mm shafts
* 1.4mm shock springs
* Improved servo saver
* Cab forward body
* 3mm A7075 hard anodized chassis
* 5mm front & 4mm rear A7075 towers
* Lightweight 46 tooth spur
* 5mm A7075 aluminum lower suspension mounts

The part number for the Eco is #E2020, the part number for the nitro is #E2019, and Right Here is the link for more details over on Mugen’s website.

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