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MultiRC HMB 235 Mini Quad Review With Video

3DBill here, and we got our hands on the Multi RC HMB 235 Mini Quad / FPV racer. We have been told that it can take a lot of abuse and come back for more. That’s usually a challenge that we like to hear. FPV Quad Racing is very hot right now, and if you are actually racing, you know you are going to slam something hard. Lets see how this one holds up.

From: MultiRC
Direct Link: MultiRC HMB 235

Build Video: MultiRC Builds a HMB235

Review By: 3DBill
Pics By: 3DBill


Frame Weight: 156g
Materials: HDPE and G10
Hardware: Stainless Steel and Black Nylon
Dimensions: 235mm diagaonally,191mm wide,137mm long, motor to motor
Max Prop Diameter: 5″
Motor Mounting: M3 16x19mm, M2 12x16mm
Flight Controller Mounting: 30.5×30.5mm (slots to allow for positioning)
Board Camera Mounting: 32x32mm

Street Price: $50.00(frame only)

Primary Competition: Though there are tons of mini quads in this class, though no others are currently made from HDPE(High-density polyethylene).

What’s Needed To Complete:
4x 2204 -1806 size brushless motors
4x 12 amp esc’s
1x Flight controller
4x 5×4-5×4.5 props
1x power distribution board
Transmitter and rx
1300-2200 mah 3s lipo
Battery Charger
Solder iron and hex wrenches

Build Quality: The frame went together in less than 10 minutes. Everything fit together well and it comes with high quality screws. The g-10 parts are nicely cut and the ccd camera mount is adjustable for a level view while FPV flying. Note my HMB 235 was straight from the first production run and I understand there have been some very minor changes to accommodate battery connector routing through the bottom of the frame with larger connectors (XT-60s).

Test Pilots:3DBill/New pilot I was teaching

Test Venues: Back yard, Front room (don’t try this at home), Kitchen (also don’t try this at home), Fields in North Carolina.

Set-up Notes: I literally just added a flip 1.5 multi wii flight controller pre configured to quad x with the default settings and did the usual radio set up and adjusted expo settings. No additional tuning was needed and the stock rate setting provided mild flight on lowered radio rates and manageable flip and roll rates for acro on high radio rates. Low rates on the radio and angle mode(self level) on the flip 1.5 made it very manageable and tame and I even let a new pilot try it out. I used 20 amp esc’s since I already had them and 1300-2200 3s lipos. I used sunnysky 2204s 2300kv motors along with 5×4-5×4.5 props.

Flying: Like many minis it can be quick and nimble or it can be set up for tame flight(learning),FPV racing or fun flying and acrobatic like any other multirotor. Like any other mini you don’t want to fly it too far out there or you can lose orientation.

Power: With a 1300mah 3s lipo power was nice,power was ok on the 3s 2200 mah packs and the added weight of the larger pack helped keep it more planted in the breeze.

Broken Parts: Props.. plenty of props. Have you watched the durability video? This thing can take a serious beat down.

Misc Notes: This is the most durable brushless multirotor frame ive ever flown! If that’s not enough MultiRC has a lifetime warranty on the frame. During testing I only managed to slightly bow the arms and they can be bent back if you plow it in at warp speed. It continued to fly well.

(From their website)

”We are now offering a lifetime warranty on all HDPE and G10 parts on this quad. If you break the main frame, top plate, antenna bulkhead, camera plate, or roll cage, send us a pic, and we’ll send a replacement. This warranty does not cover standoffs, screws, and other hardware. Special bragging rights for the first person to successfully break the main frame (in flight, don’t go cutting it with a hack saw)!”

Best Mod Under $5: Props

Best Mod Over $5: More props.. You can never have too many props when you fly multirotors!

Summary: Mini quads and FPV have been huge the past year or so. The Multi RC HMB 235 Mini Quad is great for that, but it’s also a very good frame for beginners due to its excellent durability. If you are a seasoned pilot it’s great to just throw this quad around without worry. You can have fun and at most replace some props when you crash and get back in the air. Tip: Make sure to route your battery connectors well with just the minimum of excess wire. Because of its small size the props can take a bite out of battery wires if they are not secured well or are too long.

A = Outstanding/Best in Class, B = Above Average, C = Average, D = Below
Average, F
= Horrific

Time To Bash: C The frame assembles in less than 10 minutes but soldering and its small size take a bit of time to get all the electronics installed.

Workability: B Smaller frames are not as roomy as larger copters

Air Show Rating: B With its HDPE vertical protection it looks pretty neat and unique.

Bash-A-Bility: A+ This frame went above and beyond what we would of expected for durability.

Fun Factor: A- You can have a lot more fun when you don’t have to replace broken parts.

Handling: B It flys well but nothing exceptional.

Value: A With its proven durability and lifetime warranty its a steal at 50 bucks.

Parts Availability: (N/A) They aren’t available in stores when we wrote the review, but they announced it has a lifetime warranty. That’s a pretty big deal.

BigSquid Rating: A- Price,Durability,Fun.. And you can use it to teach others to fly without worry if they crash.


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