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Hitec Castle HSB-9370TH servo

Neu Castle Powered Hitec HSB-94XX and HSB-93XX Series Servo’s

Hitec Castle HSB-9370TH servo
We first reporter about these HERE back in 2011, but now they are officially ready for market, Hitec HSB-94xx and HSB-93XX series servo’s.

To make life easier on your BEC, Hitec teamed up with the Neu Castle brushless motor crew to produce new servos with all the power, but with less power consumption.

The Neu Castle brushless motors used in the new Hitec servos are more efficient than regular servo motors, giving you greater performance with very low current consumption. The Neu Castle Hitec servo’s also feature titanium gear trains and constant power output.

Specifications at 7.4 volts –

HSB-9360TH – .06 speed, 236 oz/in, $179 street
HSB-9370TH – .10 speed, 347 oz/in, $179 street
HSB-9380TH – .14 speed, 472 oz/in, $179 street

HSB-9465SH – .07 speed, 187 oz/in, $124 street
HSB-9475SH – .10 speed, 269 oz/in, $124 street
HSB-9485SH – .15 speed, 361 oz/in, $124 street

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