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Pro-Line Prime 1/8th buggy tires

New 1/8th Buggy Tires and Pre-Mounts from Pro-Line Racing

When Pro-Line isn’t busy winning 8th scale World Championships or Bash Vehicle of the Year awards, they are slammed busting out new products to keep your vehicles dialed. They recently announced a slew of new products for 1/8th scale buggies, check them out->

* Pro-Line has released their Prime non-treaded tires in several different sizes, soon they will be available for all you 8th scale buggy bashers. These are available in 2 different compounds and are priced right around $25 per pair. They come with closed cell inserts and should be perfect for on-road bashing and speed runs. Check out This Link for more details.

* Next up is the announcement that Pro-Line’s popular Fugitive 8th scale tires will be available in their X1 firm compound. Ty Tessmann used Fugitives to win the last World Championship, now in X1 compound they should last longer than ever. These are also priced at $25 per pair and Right Here is the link you want for more details.

* Last but not least, Pro-Line has announced that their Suppressor 1/8th buggy tires will be available in X1 compound, as well as being available pre-mounted. Suppressors work great on loose outdoor tracks, as well as for bashing in light loam. The Suppressor X1s also come in at $25, while the pre-mounted versions are priced around $37. For details on the X1s hit up This Link, for details on the pre-mounted versions Click Right Here.

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