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Duratrax body paint

New Colors for Duratrax Polycarbonate Body Paints

The already very successful Duratrax line of paints has just expanded with several new colors. The new colors include four solids, two candies, one fluorescent, one pearl, and a brand new chrome for the truly bling-thirsty. All Duratrax Paints provide excellent coverage and are available in 4.5 ounce spray cans and 0.5 ounce bottles.

The new 4.5 oz spray cans (priced at $7.99) include- DTXR4253 Light Blue, DTXR4263 Gunmetal, DTXR4288 Purple, DTXR4291 Base Cover Black, DTRX4295 Candy Yellow, DTXR4296 Candy Orange, DTXR4297 Pearl Lime, and DTXR4298 Teal.

The DTXR4270 Chrome 4.5 oz spray can comes in at $13.99, the DTXR4283 Fluorescent bright Orange 4.5 oz spray can is priced at $10.99, while the DTXR4240 Chrome Backer 4.5 oz spray can is $7.99.

The new colors in 0.5 oz bottles (priced at $4.49) include- DTXR4053 Light Blue, DTXR4063 Gunmetal, DTXR4088 Purple, DTXR4095 Candy Yellow, DTXR4096 Candy Orange, DTXR4097 Pearl Lime, and DTXR4098 Teal.

The DTXR4070 Chrome 0.5 oz bottle is priced at $5.99, the DTXR4083 Fluorescent Bright Orange 0.5 oz bottle is $5.49, while the DTXR4040 Chrome Backer 0.5 oz bottle is $4.49.

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