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New Contest! Showoff and Win!

Now that our yearly Fan Pic contest is over, and we are working on getting prizes for the next one, I thought maybe we would toss out another contest to keep people busy in the meantime.
A few times a year I get an email telling me that someone saw a Big Squid RC sticker on a vehicle in a magazine. Either a car at a race, or a readers ride, or somewhere. We here at Big Squid RC love seeing our supporters get their vehicles seen here on our page as well as in the magazines, so here is a little encouragement: Get a picture of your vehicle in any paper RC magazine (other online sites do not count) and we will send you a prize! The sticker has to be readable, not like ‘dude.. you can totally read UID’. That’s all you have to do! Just get a picture of your vehicle in a RC mag with a Big Squid Sticker, and you win! The prize will probably be a T-Shirt, maybe a body, or something along those lines.

I’ll post up a new contest page with all the details soon, but I thought since I do get a few people a year telling me about their cars in the mags, I might as well give them a little reward. 🙂

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Posted by in Contest on Friday, January 11th, 2008 at 10:23 am