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Exotek Durango DEX410 Upgrades

New Durango DEX410 Upgrades From Exotek

New from Exotek is 3 upgrade parts for all you Team Durango DEX410 owners. The upgrades fit most versions of the 410 and can increase durability and handling.

First up is the Pro Servo Mount. This unit makes it much easier to work on your buggy while adding a nice touch of bling. It is priced at $26, it has a part number of #1595, and Right Here is a link for more details.

The Exotek Heavy Duty Steering Cranks eliminate flex while helping to make your steering smoother. Priced at $25, the steering cranks have a part number of #1594 and you can get more details At This Link.

Last up on the upgrade list is a new Heavy Duty 4mm Front Shock Tower. This carbon fiber unit adds strength while keeping weight to a minimum. A larger opening in the tower allows more air to flow to the body and it is priced at $30. The tower has a part number of #1593 and you can get all the finer details at This Link on Exotek’s website.

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