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Dynamite Prophet Sport Charger

New Dynamite Prophet Sport Battery Chargers

Dynamite Prophet Sport Charger
For all you guys looking for an affordable battery charger, Dynamite has just announced three new units for their product line-up.

The Dynamite Prophet Sport Plus is an AC/DC charger that can charge up to 5 amps. Rated for up to 6S Lipo it has a part number of #DYNC2010 and a street price of $49.

The Prophet Sport Lipo is an AC charger made just for Lipo. It can charge up to 3 amps and up to a 3S Lipo cell count. It has a part number of #DYNC2005 and a street price of $29.

The third charger Dynamite has just announced is the Prophet Sport NiMH. The Sport NiMH can charge up to an 8 cell NiMH pack and has a maximum charge rate of 4 amps. The part number of the Sport NiMH is #DYNC2000 and it has a street price of $29.

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