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New Hot Bodies Short Course Treads

Hot Bodies has a bunch of new tires for the various short course trucks out there. All of these tires are molded in Hot Bodies’ soft Pink compound for use on ultra-low traction surfaces. Check out the tread patterns to see which one might work for you.


Clockwise from top left you got the Beams, Megabite, Megagrid, and Rodeoo treads.  The Beams tread is great for hard-packed clay and blue grooved tracks.  They also an ideal tire for indoor tracks.  The Megabite tread is best for hard-packed clay with some light dust, and also regular clay.  It’s got a ton of small pins around the tire and also has a double row of wide pins down the center of the tire.  The Megagrid tread is the most all-around tread of the bunch, useful in multiple off-road and on-road conditions.  It’s suggested as the starting point tire when you are looking for a new setup at different tracks.  Lastly the Rodeoo (the extra “o” is for “oooooohhhhh”) tread is a realistic looking tread pattern.  They say it’s for the spec racing market, but before you slap these on your spec class truck you might want to check the rules.

All of these tires have an MSRP of $21.00 per pair.  Check out the Hot Bodies web site for more info.

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Posted by in Hot Bodies on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 at 10:31 pm