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New Pit Goodies from TLR

The folks over at Team Losi Racing have announced a number of goodies to make your life easier at the track.

First up are TLR Pit Gloves. These are great to use when marshalling and have touch screen sensitive fingers so you don’t even have to remove them to use your cell. They are priced at $27 and the XL sized units have a part number of #TLR0542.

An Umbrella comes in handy on both rainy and sunny days. TLR now has a team version that has a vented canopy and fiberglass ribs priced at $26 with a part number of #TLR0545.

A Pit Towel comes in handy for keeping screws from rolling off your pit table and for adding a sano look to your area. The new TLR version is priced at $10 with a part number of #TLR0540.

The TLR Polar Water Bottle has a cool look and lets everyone know you are into rc. It is also high zoot, using an insulating layer to keep your drink cold longer than other bottles. It is priced at $17 and has a part number of #TLR0530.

Last on the list is the new TLR Soft Shell Jacket. It comes in various sizes with a part number of #TLR0505 and a street price of $99.

For complete details simply hit up the official TLR Website.

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Posted by in New Products on Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 at 8:32 am