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AKA Tire Punch

New Pit Tools from AKA

The folks at AKA have announced three new products to make your life in the pits easier. First up is a 2 N 1 Handheld Wheel Balancer. Their new balancer fits both 12 and 17mm wheel hexes which covers the majority of short course trucks, 10th scale buggies, and 8th scalers on the market. Its small size takes up very little room in your pit box and it has a part number of #44006 with a price of $38.

Also new from AKA is a Multi-tip Tire Punch. For you drivers that prefer to punch a hole in the tire carcass to vent it, this should come in quite handy. The AKA punch comes with 6 forged steel tips that range in size from 2-4.5mm. A rubber grip is used for comfort and it has a part number of #44007 with a price of $10.

The third new item from AKA is a Mini Pump Bottle with Locking Cap. This type of bottle is good for dispensing a variety of commonly used pit liquids like tire sauce, shock oil, and body cleaner. The mini pump bottle has a part number of #44008 and is priced at $9.

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Posted by in New Products on Friday, January 23rd, 2015 at 8:38 am