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New Pre-Mounts from Pro-Line

New Pre-Mounted Blockades and Big Joe IIs from Pro-Line

New Pre-Mounts from Pro-Line
If you are the type that hates wasting time gluing up wheels and tires, Pro-Line has two new sets of pre-mounts to make your life easier.

First up are Blockade SCs in M3 compound mounted up on F-11 wheels with ProTrac offset. The Blockades are proven performers that work exceptionally well on not just hardpack, but just about any prepped dirt surface. These are made to bolt right up on the new Pro-Line Pro-2 truck, Losi SCTEs, the rear of Losi XXX-SCT & SCB, ProTrac equipped Traxxas trucks, SC10 4×4, and rear of the SC10. The part number is #1183-25 and they have a street price of $35.

The other new pre-mounts are Big Joe IIs mounted up on F-11 wheels. The Big Joe IIs are big and ready to tackle the nastiest terrain you can find. The F-11 wheels come with a big 17mm hex and will fit on a variety of vehicles that include the Traxxas T-Maxx, E-Revo, and Summit. The part number is #1198-13 and they have a street price of $45.

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