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Pro-Line ShockWave Pre-mounts

New Pre-Mounts From Pro-Line Racing

Pro-Line ShockWave Pre-mounts
We really like pre-mounted tires around the office, they save us a bunch of time and work and they keep Brian from gluing his fingers together. Pro-Line is in the business of making lives easier so they’ve announced a bunch of new pre-mounted tire/wheel combo’s.

First up are their new Shockwave 3.8″ pre-mounts. These feature their new Shockwave tires mounted up on 3.8″ F-11 black wheels made to bolt right up on your monster truck. These lightweight tires give better than stock traction on all the surfaces that bashers like- grass, pavement, and of course in the mud. Street price for these monsters is $45 a pair and they have a part number of #1193-13. Click Here for more information.

Pro-Line has announced new Badlands pre-mounts as well. Badlands are perhaps the most popular bash tire here at BigSquidRC and the new pre-mounts come on black Renegade wheels in both Slash rear and Pro-Line ProTrac offsets. Part numbers are #1182-15 for the ProTrac offset and #1182-13 for Slash rear. Street pricing is $35 a pair, simply click THIS LINK for more information.

For you guys that do most of your bashing on the street Pro-Line has introduced new Road Rage 2.8″ pre-mounts. Road Rages give great traction on pavement and seem to wear forever. These come in two different offsets, #1172-12 and #1172-13 to ensure a proper fit on your Traxxas Stampede. Street pricing is $35 a pair and HERE is the link you want to get more information.

On the opposite end of the spectrum Pro-Line has you covered with new Sling Shot paddle tire pre-mounts for short course trucks. The new Sling Shot pre-mounts come in two different offsets on black Renegade wheels. Part numbers are #1158-17 for Slash rear offset and #1158-18 for Pro-Line ProTrac. Street pricing is $35 a pair, for more information THIS is the link you want.

The last set of new pre-mounts are Trencher 3.8″ mounted up on black F-11 wheels. Trenchers are a legendary bash tire that we use on a daily basis here at BigSquid because they work great on nearly every surface. These new pre-mounts come with 17mm hexes to fit vehicles like the Revo and the Summit and have a part number of #1184-13. Street price is $45 a pair and check out THIS LINK for more information (and even a BigSquid mention!).

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