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New Schumacher CAT SX Details!

Schumacher CAT SX We just got some new details and pictures of the Schumacher USA CAT SX 4WD Buggy. It will have a 3 belt transmission, adjustable internal transmission ratio optimized for brushless or brushed motors as well as a unique clamp motor mount to fine tune weight distribution. It is optimized for LiPo packs which is cool, has lots of carbon fiber, and a bunch of other cool stuff! Check the NEW Product Forum for the full press release! While we had the chance to talk about Schumacher, check out this picture of Shawn Palmer’s (Schumacher sales dude) car! It says “My other car is Speed Passion Brushless Powered!” Hah!

Schumacher CAT SX Schumacher CAT SX

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Posted by in brushless, Schumacher on Friday, March 21st, 2008 at 9:22 pm